A better way to experience your design

Wizlah is the complete solution to your interior design needs.

Imagine taking a 3D tour of a home you just designed. Or stroll through thousands of pre-made designs and spark inspiration for your ideal home! We make all that come true.

Who is this for?

For homeowners

  • Design your home with actual furniture and fittings from our partner retailers.
  • Scroll through our marketplace and choose an interior designer to bring your plans to life!

For interior designers

  • Communicate with customers in real-time by annotating and commenting on specific products and finishes within projects.

For retailers

  • Reach more customers by letting consumers browse through your products and preview them before buying
  • Present exquisite details, materials, colours, and perspectives of your products when they are converted into 3D models


Make your shopping and and purchasing decisions easier with our 3D mapping tools. Drag and drop items to see how they fit (or don’t!).


Watch your blueprint come to life and experiment with designs to create your dream home.

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